The Briefcase of mineral aplications


The Project seeks to bring minerals and mining closer to society as a whole. Its ultimate goal is that citizens from an early age know where the mineral products they use in daily life come from and how our daily purchase decisions affect to the social environment of the people who live in countries with resources exploitation. That it is not possible to live without minerals and without mines but, through example and a friendly approach, see that mining is a modern activity and that it has an impact on the society and environment that can be mitigated.

The BRIEFCASE is a novel product that has been used successfully by the Geomining museum and the IGME for ten years. Based on that, new physical thematic Briefcases have been configured and the disruptive tool, the BRIEFCASE, has been presented in different areas of Europe through workshops and demonstration in universities and educative and research centres.

The briefcase is addressed to students between 6 and 14 years old. It contains a set of minerals, tools to identify them and products of daily life, as well as various games focused on deepening this knowledge. It teaches students to recognize the most common minerals and their applications with practical experience and to reflect on their own purchasing decisions in order to encourage the requirement of ethically robust practices to companies. The Briefcase also shows the consequences of "not in my backyard", an attitude that has displaced part of mining outside Europe, sometimes to other places where the human rights of the workers involved are not respected.

The material is available to the academic and educative community to be used in their courses in an autonomous way through a free lending service provided by the project partners.

BUDGET: 181.870. PERIOD: 01/10/2018 - 31/12/2019